Who Was Margaret Todd?

Margaret Todd lived in Marin County for 38 years, the last 17 of them in Novato.  During that time she made life a little better for all of those who knew her.

Her passion was books and her love of them manifested into a lifelong career as a librarian.  As a native of Taylor, Washington, she graduated with honors from the University of Washington of Library Science in 1936.  She spent 16 years with the Novato Unified School District, and in her retirement became a Library Development Consultant.

Mrs. Todd, the mother of three daughters, found time to serve as chair and long-time member of the Marin County Commission on Aging and as a faithful member of the Novato Parks and Recreation Commission.  She worked tirelessly for seniors and their causes.  In addition, Mrs. Todd served on the Ecumenical Association for Housing, the Marin County Human Rights Commission, Marin County Library Commission and sat on the Board of Directors of Novato Human Needs Center.  She was a dynamic community volunteer who understood well the complete role of women and never allowed others to demean it.

On January 28, 1986, at the age of 74, Margaret Todd tragically died in an automobile accident on her way home from a volunteer library consultation.  Shortly after her death, Novato City Council members voted to name the City’s future senior citizen center in honor of Margaret Todd and her tireless efforts for senior citizens in Novato and throughout the North Bay.  The creation of a senior center was her dream and she worked unceasingly toward its realization.

  Her dream came true!